Saturday, 11 March 2017

Parenting the Twins

Though parenting is hard for new parents, however, parenting of twins is harder than having the one child and raising him/her, because having twins means that all the tasks of parenting will be multiplied by two and you will not have time for anything else. This is not to say that having twins is always tough, it can become fun to raise to two children at the same time, however, the hard phases goes with it. For instance, if one of the children wants to ride on toy car, the other may want the same thing or in some cases a completely different thing. According to lots of parents of twins, the babysitting and overall brought up of the twins is considered or seen as the very difficult job, which is an exaggeration. And it has been viewed hardly one 1% of the women are of the view that raising twins gets harder over the period of time. However, if someone comments on your situation as if you have been punished, you may want to tell them about the good parts. Following are the tips to make your life easy.

Having a Good Sense of Humor
Though there are other ways of handling it as well. However, if you have a good sense of humor, it can help you get out of the odd situations to large extent. For instance, if your kid is giving you hard time or if they embarrass you in from the guests, the best way is to see the situation through the lens of a good sense of humor. In addition, you will be teaching the kids how significant role a good sense of humor can play in the lives. Therefore, if you don’t have a good sense of humor, get one. For example, one of my friends, who are parents of beautiful twins told me this incident which happened while they were sleeping because one of the child was having a bad night and in the middle of the night, she threw up, which ruined the bedding and all the parents could do was laugh it out.

Realigning the Expectations
According to some of the researchers, the time taken to raise triplets is more than 196 hours per week; it means that you are expected to find the equal amount of time in one week, which is a hard thing to pull off.  For example, if you divide the required hours with 3 and take 65 hours with each baby, it would imply that roughly 130 hours would be consumed to raise the twins. To put simply, approximately 139 or 196 hours would be taken to invest in the upbringing of a baby. Hence, you would be expected to make big lifestyle changes.

If you like to make your home very tidy and clean, it is good to follow the ten-step programs that would make the tasks easy for you, if not completely done. However, if you happen to have a housekeeper, it is best to avail the opportunity and get the important things done first because you may not have adequate time to supervise the housekeeper. Moreover, if you are on good terms with the housekeeper, your job of taking care of the twins will also become easy, however, if you struggle with it or if you get mad at the housekeeper for little things, you would have to find an alternative or work on the management of the house yourself.

Though people may ignore it, however, it is best to work on your dietary habit in terms of making it  healthy and avoiding the baked products as much as you can and choosing the healthy meals, because it would directly affect your health and the well-being of the twins. For example, cereals can be beneficial for you and the twins in addition to large portions of vegetables and fruits.

If you want to get better at doing your job and if you want to make the hard process smooth, it is good to start accepting that you may not be able to enjoy your holiday like you used to. However, if you think it would be all tough and there won’t be the good parts, you are wrong. For example, if you don’t get to go on holidays, maybe you can use that time to bond with your twins and get to play a role in their growth and lifestyle. Moreover, if you work on the time management skills, you can take time out for yourself in addition to completing the tasks related to home.

It has been observed that parents become aware of the priorities they are expected to meet rather than getting carried away by the chaos or unimportant things.  Moreover, some of the parents have learned to adjust better after having the twins because they get to know about the potential they always had to do impossible things.  Likewise, some of the parents get so good at parenting that they feel surprised and tend to become an expert on the subject. Hence, it would not be wrong to say that their organizational skills increase to the large extent.


People may overlook how important it is to mold oneself according to the lifestyle changes. For example, if you are the parent of twins, it is time for you to not only accept that but to respond to the changes in the best way. Similarly, the best approach is to anticipate the challenges you may come across and prepare for them. For example, you can make preparation which would aid you in dealing with unexpected situations. For example, the food can be prepared on the weekly basis in addition to making a proper diet plan. And the laundry can be handled on the daily basis because baby twins may get their clothes dirty more than twice a day. And when it comes to your to-do lists, you can take care of the tasks that require immediate action as compare to the ones which are not urgent.